When you work as hard as Rafe does, you have to know how to relax, too. Rafe and a few other designers (including best bud, Peter Som) offer up their picks for choice vacation spots this coming Summer season on style.com.

The newest addition to the rafe.com site has just gone live: Rafe Sightings is a collection of our favorite photos of people - whether famous or just fabulous - sporting their favorite Rafe bags or shoes. We love seeing how our customers wear our products and we thought you might too. So we're posting these shots in their very own section of the site, and we'll be updating Rafe Sightings with new shots just as quickly as we get them.

And while we have our share of famous fans, we're just as pleased to see a chic person on the street working the product! So wear it well - we're armed with our digital cameras and snapping pics. Keep watching the Rafe Sightings section - you never know, you might be on it next!

Television's sexiest housewife Eva Longoria shows how Summer dressing is done in yet another Rafe bag! See Eva and other celebrities rocking their Rafes in our Rafe Sightings: Celebrities section.

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